Moksh Plays With Grimm's Rainbow stacking Blocks: An open ended Waldorf Toy

by Aubrey Miller, 2 years ago
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Ever since I knew I was pregnant with Moksh, :-)), I started to read about early child development, early learning. I ferociously looked on the internet for wonderful toys to present to my baby. I gatherd information about top hundred books to be read at every age from birth itself. I loved watching inspirational mothers on the internet, creating & using wonderful educational, fun filled material for their kids. I came across Montessori, Doman, Shichida, Woldorf, Reggio Emilia and many other ways of educating kids.

I must admit, these Waldorf Toys grew very close to me ever since I learnt about them. When Moksh was born, we couldn't find them where I lived either in Brazil or India. No doubt, they are expensive & shipping would have made it exorbitant, had I chosen importing them. So I waited...until we could go to the US where I could buy them easily. During the first trip, I got other more important toys for Moksh & this still didn't find its priority. Finally, during this recent trip to the US, We got this first ever Grimm's or Waldorf toy!

I had started having other thoughts after buying this, as I felt Moksh to be a little overgrown for it.

I'm glad to say, that he instantly liked it, played with it in many ways. He made a wave with it, a curvy garden for his butterfly, some mountains for dusty to fly. He loves to pass his toy vehicles throgh a tunnel made with it! It's good for imaginative play, building creativity skills, stacking. We are thinking to incorporate it with our Lego train set that we bought. It can be a part of construction play, pretend play...the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for watching & Happy Learning!