08 Naef Spiel

by John Ferris, 2 years ago
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Naef Spiel, designed by Peer Clahsen
Manufactured / distributed by Naef Spiele, Switzerland

For over 50 years Naef has produced exclusive products for all ages. From intimate baby articles and early childhood development toys to Bauhaus collector's items and elaborate pieces of art. The Naef logo symbolizes the highest quality of precision products in the world. Naef quality items are world renown for their attention to detail
and ability to be passed down from generation to generation. Each item is specifically
designed to enhance the learning experience each and every time. Our years of
experience have helped parents decide which products best suit their child's personal development. Each item is constructed in maple, ash, or walnut from ecologically harvested woods. The paints and lacquers meet or exceed the highest quality standards for safety. These basic principles that we stand by will keep Naef a household name for years to come.
The headquater of Naef is in Switzerland. We have retailers and dustributors in: USA, Japan, Korea, China and in Europe.