KORXX Brickle - small building blocks for mobile use

by Aubrey Miller, 2 years ago
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The KORXX company's passion is to help children lead happier lives through learning and play. KORXX cork building blocks are designed, produced, and developed by the Kuch family who has a deeply rooted tradition in the field of quality, safe, and natural toys for many generations (since 1887)!

Why cork?
Cork is sustainable. Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree without harming the plant itself. The tree continues to grow and produce more cork that can be harvested in the future for over 100 years! Meanwhile the trees are absorbing CO2 to stabilize our climate. KORXX cork specifically is harvested in accordance to the sustainability forest regulations of the FSC.

Standard industry cork found in bulletin boards, flooring, and yes, wine stoppers is still cork but it's not KORXX cork. The KORXX company's first priority is the safety, health, and happiness of the children they entertain.
KORXX blocks have been tested for their physical stability. There is no swallow danger with KORXX blocks as proven by their safety testing in accordance to the following toy safety regulations:
- ASTM US Toy Safety Regulations
- CE EN71 European Safety Standards
- AS/NZS ISO 8124.3 Australian/New Zealand Toy Safety Standards
- Tested by Japanese authorities and approved to be sold in Japan
KORXX blocks also contain no toxic or poisoning chemicals. KORXX is phthalate and aroma free. The colors used in KORXX cork blocks are specially developed for the company and also have the highest safety standards in the industry. The blocks are anti-allergen meaning that KORXX even considered people with an allergic disposition when developing the toys!