Auris - 七聲五音鐘琴 7-tone pentatonic glockenspiel

by Aubrey Miller, 2 years ago
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» 簡單的鐘琴可以為孩子開啟音樂之門,進入美妙的聲韻世界
» 五聲音階,隨意敲打亦能奏出美妙旋律?
» 七音五聲鐘琴(KAP-007):d’’’-e’’’-g’’’-a’’’-h’’’-d’’’’-e’’’’
» 瑞典Auris出品,追求聽覺、視覺、感覺三者的平衡和和諧,是華德福學校必備的樂器

» A basic yet beautiful glockenspiel that is very suitable for introducing music to the child.
» Pentatonic scale means even random combination of notes would sound beautiful.
» 7-tone pentatonic glockenspiel (KAP-007): d’’’-e’’’-g’’’-a’’’-h’’’-d’’’’-e’’’’
» A must-have instrument at Steiner schools made in Sweden by Auris, who strives to achieve harmony between what the ear hears, the hand feels and the eye sees.