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by Aubrey Miller, 2 years ago
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Crafted of fine European birch and a secret brass alloy, the Auris Pentatonic Glockenspiel provides celestial tones for music lovers of all skill levels. Prefect for accenting story telling, plays, and more, the Glockenspiel offers a wealth of possible applications limited only by the imagination. Kids utilize the different mallets to elicit a variety of sounds and learn to recognize tones as they play. The Glockenspiel includes seven brass-alloy tone bars, a strong and sturdy base, one wooden mallet, and one rubber mallet.

• Perfect percussion instrument for music lovers of all skill levels
• Inspire a love of music with this easy to play glockenspiel
• Celestial tones are great for accompanying story telling, plays, and more
• Includes two different mallets to add variety of tone
• Made from European birch and a secret brass alloy for a precise sound heirloom quality

For ages 5 and up.

Measures 6"L x 12½"H.