Hang (drum) and handpan duet Nadishana-Kuckhermann

by Ken Kahn, 1 year ago
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CD available: http://hang-duo.com
David Kuckhermann and Vladiswar Nadishana

The featured instruments are:
1st Gen PanArt Hang Aeolian Tuning
2 SpBs by Victor Levinson
1 Spacedrum Steve Shehan Custom tuning

I'd like to leave here a part of the conversation, which was lost due to youtube comment system upgrade. This is an important point, because currently the hang became a kind of a weird cult:

1 year ago in reply to ◦₪◦ Nadishana ◦₪◦

I would use that as a good expression for how amazing the hang is :)
◦₪◦ Nadishana ◦₪◦
1 year ago in reply to SuperishEddy

Agree. And I have a collection more then 300 instruments and they are not less amazing. You can play a coffee tin or your flower pot and it will turn to be an amazing instrument. And you can play your fancy expensive Hang and it can sound really poor and boring. All depends on how you play. I believe that amaziness consist of: 1)10% quality and properties of the instrument 2) 90% musicianship/creativity of the player.